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LITEBLOCK™ is a lightweight and insulating walling product that is cost comparable and faster to install than conventional alternatives such as concrete hollow blocks. lobortis.

What is LITEBLOCK™ made of?

LITEBLOCK™ is made of cement and sand mortar and infused with micro air bubbles. The resulting product is then reinforced with 500MPa tension fibres to make it even more durable.s.

How much does LITEBLOCK™ cost?

Material cost is comparable to traditional hollow blocks while having a lower labor cost.tis.

How long does LITEBLOCK™ take to install?

As per actual on-site experience, LITEBLOCK™ is about 2-3x faster to install than Hollow Blocks. Installation is simple and can easily be taught within an hour..

What is the spacing of the rebars?

LITEBLOCK™ is installed with 10mm bars spaced 0.5m vertically and 0.6m horizontally.

Does LITEBLOCK™ need special adhesives and mortar?

No. Since LITEBLOCK™ is made mainly of cement and sand, it readily adheres to regular mortar. The surfaces of LITEBLOCK™ is also textured for added adhesion..

What is the strength of LITEBLOCK™?

LITEBLOCK™ has a compressive strength of 400 to 500 psi – ideal for non-loadbearing walls. Making them far stronger than regular lightweight concrete blocks.

Can I use LITEBLOCK™ for external walls?

Yes. 4” thick Liteblocks are safe to use for external walls. Structural computations can be provided upon request.rete blocks.

Does LITEBLOCK™ insulate from heat?

Yes, LITEBLOCK™ has 5 times insulating properties than CHB. To put it simpler, a 4” thick LITEBLOCK™ wall has the same insulating property as a 20” hollow block wall. This insulating property is what also gives LITEBLOCK™ its high fire resistance of up to 4 hrs.s.

How is LITEBLOCK™ finished?

For interior walls, only an 8mm think mortar rendering is required. Exterior walls require only 15mm thick rendering to help with weatherproofing. Only 1:2 or 1:3 cement:sand mixture is needed..

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